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Other Services

We offer a full range of premier lash and eyebrow services. Whether you just want to enhance your natural beauty or feel and look great for a special occasion, we have you covered.

Lash Botox


Do you have damaged or broken eyelashes? Lash Botox can help — no needles required. Lash Botox is an innovative treatment used to moisturize, restore, and repair damaged lashes. This treatment combines Italian Nano Keratin and extra serum to fill in damaged parts of your lashes. This nourishing mask also lifts your lashes and restores their natural structure. This produces an effect similar to what you get with a Lash Lift plus we add a nourishing serum to your lashes that helps renew them. This results in healthy, natural, thick lashes.


Lash Lift


Not ready for eyelash extensions but want beautiful big lashes? A Lash Lift can make your lashes up to 15 percent thicker. This treatment gives you the appearance of having curled, long lashes without the hassle of messing around with a lash curler. A lash lift will open up your eyes making them appear big and bright.


Eyebrow Architecture


Eyebrow architecture helps add structure and definition to your face. Our technicians will shape and tint your brows so that they complement the natural shape of your face. This is also a great treatment to do after permanent brows to help maintain hair growth. The color and intensity are completely customized for you.


Eyebrow Styling


Transform curly, unruly eyebrow hairs into sleek, beautiful brows with eyebrow styling. During this treatment, we start with eyebrow architecture. Your eyebrows are shaped and tinted to perfectly complement your face. Afterwards, we use a solution that lifts and straightens the hairs. This creates full, smooth brows. With this treatment, you’ll get a polished look without having to use brow gel. You brows will look professionally styled every day with no fuss.